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6 Steps For Bucket List Creation

With 2023 just a few weeks away, it’s a fine time to begin thinking about your New Years resolutions. Well, I don’t really do resolutions anymore, but I do create vision boards and bucket list.

Here are 6 simple steps to help you create your bucket list.

1. Remember time waits for no one. Life is short so all the things you would love to accomplish in life should not be put off until you feel like you can afford it, have time (retire), and/or when your children grow up. You simply don’t know when you will take your last breathe. So, I suggest having a living bucket list that you create and recreate based on where you are in life.

2. Don’t dream limitations. If you dream it, it can be your reality if you believe it should. First, you have to believe in your dreams and then make them colorful. The more colorful your dreams are the realer they will become and feel. See them, feel them, taste them, and create a belief in them.

3.  Act like you can, and do it. If you begin believing you have the right to accomplish everything you set out to do, then at some point you will begin to manifest what you believe. Act like what you want is yours, see yourself having it and doing it. There is nothing stopping you from actually living the life you dream about. Make your actions reflect your thoughts.

4.  Don’t let distance limit where you go. Most people fear what they have not done or where they have not gone, but if you really want to travel, then don’t allow the distance to determine whether or not you are able to go. The world yours to explore. Go see it for yourself.

5. Decide to live a life you would want to hear about. Most people love stories because they speak to our dreams. So, why not live your life so that others can vicariously live through your dreams? Live in such a way that people wish they were you. When it is all said and done, live a life where your actions fuel someone else to take action and live out their dreams.

6Fear it, and do it aways. Most people have fear, but what separates those living in fear and those acting fearlessly is ACTION. Fear is normal, but you can’t allow fear to steal your joy and cripple you by limiting your expectations. If you really desire to accomplish something, but you fear failure, then doing nothing at all will ultimately end in failure because you have done nothing. However, if you simply make an effort to accomplish your dream, then you are one step closer to completion and even if it doesn’t turn out as you desire, you will have learned something along the way.

What are you planning to do that you have not done? Create your bucket list and share your dreams with me. I want to cheer you on and help you accomplish your desires. Leave a comment and tell me where you plan to go in 2023.

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