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Books, Vehicles For Travel

Empty tanks only go as far as the fumes lingering behind, but when they dissipate, one is stalled awaiting another means of transportation. My fuel has always been the ability to create my own means of transportation through my creative thoughts. However, it is my belief that anyone who desires to travel can do so from anywhere without leaving at all. If you want to go on one the best adventures in your pajamas all you need it is a book, books are the gateway to the world.

I happen to love traveling and when I meet people who are amazed by the number of places I have gone I’m always shocked when they say why they can’t travel. Although I have been traveling all my life, when I am not able to go away, I travel through books. Books, unlike movies, which only last for a couple of hours, gives me depth and the ability to experience the characters in my mind. I have the capability to give voice to the characters while visualizing them beyond the depictions illustrated through the pages. I can actually hear them as I read.

Books exemplify life beyond where one is and draws a picture of the places one hopes to go. I love travel

memoirs because they paint pictures of faraway places that I have dreamt about, but might not have had the opportunity to visit yet. Matter of fact, reading books has inspired me to go places and see for myself what the author was vividly describing. The air is fresher when you breathe it for yourself.

Yet, I know that we all have different desires and abilities, but if one wants to know what it is like to fall in love in Paris or redefine themselves in Italy they don’t need a passport at all. All they need is a book and a vivid imagination. One can travel anywhere and never leave the comforts of their home. I prefer being able to go and see for myself, but the next best thing is a book. Books open doors to people, places, and adventures that you might never have known about. Authors are like keys, they tell stories that open the doors to a reality that many might not ever experience without a book.  I saw Italy through reading Eat, Pray, Love and I have never touched the soil of Italy, but Elizabeth Gilbert gave me the opportunity to experience the food and the culture in a way that opened my curiosity of what it’s like to eat Pizza in Naples. I could literally taste the Margarita pizza as I read each line.

So, are you one of those people who dreams of traveling to exotic places or experiencing foods and cultures in a specific country but you don’t have the finances? Fear not because if you have access to a book you have the vehicle to go any place you desire. You can even create the ambiance by allowing yourself to get lost in the pages painting your own reality with colorful pictures in your mind. You don’t have to be stalled by lack of finances, burdens or fear of the unknown, because picking up a book makes traveling accessible. Reading is just another means of transportation taking you anywhere you desire to go, even on an empty tank in the middle of the desert with nothing but time to kill.

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