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Wake Up And Live

Traveling allows me the opportunity to be fully alive. Without travel, I feel like I’m dying and losing a portion of who I am. I love being able to do something different and meet new people, and I have learned that my normal is not being confined to “stability” and what that means for many people. I use to think that it was unstable to be adventurous and constantly on the go, but I have come to understand for myself, that stability has a different connotation for everyone. Some people don’t conform well to permanency and rituals.  As a self-proclaimed Nomadic Chick, I know that my truth is not in being nailed down to a 30-year mortgage or inspiring to have a corn office career. I need the freedom to transform without notice.

Although, I tend to like having a nice place to lay my head and I desire to know some of the details about what happens next, I lean towards living in the now and allowing some things to be a little more abstract. I will admit I’m not a nine to five girl and I want the ability to dance to whatever beat my heart begins to sing. Yet, that is still very unorthodox to many people. Most people want and need structure and a plan for what is happing next. I use to be one of those people. However, I found that the more I planned the more things began falling apart. I realized that the more open I was to change and being able to go with the flow, even when that meant challenging my own beliefs, I was then able to live at my best.

Realizing this was transformational, but indeed scary. I once had a passion to be a corporate trailblazer with dreams of a corner office climbing the ladder of success.  In some respects, I still have those dreams, but they look different. Instead of a corner office, I would rather have a transit space that fluctuations with where I am and what I am doing. The ladder no longer exists; my platform is horizontal and looks more like an exchange of ideas amongst people who believe in transformation versus competition. I still have a desire to be a trailblazer, but my mission is to follow my passion and live on purpose by being a woman who is making a global impact for all women. In my opinion, that’s what living is — following what makes your heart beat.

Can you hear the song that your hear is playing?

So, today if you are still sleeping through life awaiting the day that you can finally dance to the song your heart is playing entitled Purpose, then I urge you to wake up. The funny thing about life is that time waits for no one, and tomorrow isn’t promised to you. Living your dreams needs to be done actively and not passively through thinking about future implementation. Today is the perfect day to dance. Can you hear the song your heart is playing?

~I have pumps, will travel.

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