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Why Minorites Should Study Abroad

Reasons to Study Abroad

As with anything, there are benefits and challenges to studying abroad. However, here are some of the reasons we think it is extremely important for more minority women to experience studying abroad.

Q  Self-Awareness. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to look at yourself in different ways and helps you begin to explore your own personal identity.

Q  Confidence. Studying abroad helps build your confidence and assures you that you have what it take to step out of your comfort zones and meet the challenges placed before you.

Q   Challenges Perspective. Study abroad will give the opportunity to see the world through new eyes and introduce you to different cultures and people living in different environments, which allows you to appreciate how other people do things. You will always have the opportunity to change your perspective on how you view the U.S and see how other countries view Americans.

Q  Increase Career Opportunities. By studying abroad, you have the opportunity to increase how future employers see you. The world is ever changing and the business world is becoming smaller in terms of marketplace. More companies are “going global” and by studying abroad, you have a better chance to market your versatility, show you are knowledgeable about the world, and exhibit that you are well traveled.

Q  Explore the World. When you take the opportunity to study abroad you open the door to a new world in which you can travel, meet new people, see things that many people only dream or read bout in books.

Q  Extend Your Network. Studying abroad also helps you network with other students, host families, and expatriates living abroad. This gives you the opportunity to meet new people that have similar interests and career goals. By networking with others as you travel or connect through school, you expand your net-worth through networking.

Q  Learn a Language. You can use your time abroad to learn the language of your host country. Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Well, what better way to learn it than while living in Spain.

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